Base64 Image Encoder Online

Base64 Image Encoder allows you to optimize your server, by reducing the number of requests and the front-end client side, with an instant image loading. Our online base64 image converter will transform the data of your image into base64 data. After encoding, you can choose to export it as IMG tag, CSS Background, or raw base64 data. By converting all of your images to base64, your main html file already contains the data of images, thus your client doesn't need to make other requests to load them.

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You can encode your image data to base64 in one click. It is fast, easy and optimized for the best performance of page load. The supported format of images are JPG, PNG and GIF. Totally free and unlimited ! We do not store your files, there is no limit of size, nor number of submission. We recommend you to use this solution only for your very little images and to avoid high sized images. That's why we also added multiple functions of image optimization, like image compressor, image resizer and image format converter functions to help you to reduce the length of your base64 converted data.