Javascript Minifier Compressor Encryptor

Minify, minimize, compress, encode, uglify, encrypt your Javascript code in complicated, ununderstandable, unreadable code for humans with only one click. Javascript code is (and will always stay) in open-source form on HTML pages.
If you are afraid of stealers, do not hesitate anymore to protect your code by minify it or better, encode it !

Thus your encrypted Javascript code will not even be "steal-able" but also not readable and will become very hard to understand (long work to try to decode it).

Minify your Javascript code and protect it with encryption

Enter here your Javascript code, choose the preferred treatment (minify or encrypt) and click to Optimize.
If you choose the encryption, don't forget to specify any variable or function names that should not be modified.

Note: we aren't responsible of the usage of this tool. Use at your own risk.

Initial code:
Method of treatment:

Why this tool can help you so much to optimise and protect your Javascript code of your website:
- Minify Compress Minimize : remove automatically all your comments of your code and delete every useless spaces (tabulations, returns, etc.) to minimize the size of your Javascript code.
- Encrypt your Javascript code by choosing :
1. simple encryption : it will encode every variables and functions of your Javascript code by incomprehensible words for humans, by using different techniques of rewriting (that all browser still easily understand).
2. extended encryption : it consists in using the simple encryption previously explained and add a final layer of treatment, which will convert every character to Hexadecimal code in Javascript. (Note that this functionality will probably increase the final size of your file)

Before trying to optimize your Javascript with this tool, do never forget to test your Javascript file and check if it is working properly.
After that, always keep in mind to save backups of your Javascript source file (cleaned) before launching any optimization.
And finally, test again your optimized script if there is no bugs.

Coming Soon !!! Some examples of encrypted javascript codes !