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How to minimize HTML Code ? You can save about 30% of your bandwith by reducing the size of your pages. You can protect your code by making it more difficult to read it ! Loading files can be drastically improved, satisfaction of your clients and your server !

Minify your code HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and optimize your pages

Enter here your HTML/CSS/Javascript code to minimize and click to Minify.
The useless code, such as comments, returns, tabulations, etc. will be automatically removed. By the way, you optimize your HTML code for browsers and you significantly prevent from steals of your code by complexifying the readability.

Note: we aren't responsible of the usage of this tool. Use at your own risk.

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Javascript Minimize Encrypt Online
Protect your Javascript code
with minifier and encrypt/uglify it

You can compress any HTML code that you want very easily, in one click.